Whole Home Dehumidifier

When we’re working to waterproof your crawl space or basement and control moisture

we can install a dehumidifier as an effective long term solution.

DinoDry installs professional grade whole home dehumidifier that are specific to the demands of each project. It’s important to use the right kind of dehumidifier that can maintain the crawl space below 60% relative humidity year-round, regardless of what the temperature is.

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The benefits of a properly installed dehumidification system include:


Mold will not form on wood or other surfaces


Bacterial odor will be minimized


Comfort levels inside the house above the crawl space will be improved


Hardwood flooring and trim will remain more stable


Premature structural issues due to high humidity will be minimalized

If you have moisture issues in your crawl space, the only reliable way to manage relative humidity year-round is with the use of a professionally installed dehumidifier.

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